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It's a Sellers Market

But does that mean we all have to hide in the basement until it all blows over?  While that is always an option, it is rarely the best one. 

Usually, it means a change in approach is in order.  You can hire some guys to scour your farm area for deals, and if they come across a good one, they may actually bring it to you rather than keep it for themselves or sell it to the highest bidder.

Or, since so many are trying to cash in on the market, you could go with a more automated approach to filtering the many offerings available these days. 

One such market scanning approach comes from BirdDogBot.  You tell it the area and search criteria and it scans the internet for properties like you are interested in and reports back to you.  You spend less time chasing down non-starters and more time looking at properties that fit your vision... and more time to track down just the right ones. 


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