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A Message for Park Managers

In an average week in Pinellas County, Florida, there are ten to twenty mobile/manufactured homes made vacant through the eviction process. This is unfortunate for those removed from their homes, but it also presents a situation for the park as well. If it is your park, you are left with a unit that is no longer collecting lot rent and often is not in the best condition for the next resident to move in.

I have worked with some of the people who have been removed from their homes. I've arranged with the park management to pay the back rent and purchase the home. However I cannot do this in most cases as the units require too much work to make the process economically feasible.

Vacant Units

Along the way I have found many parks have these units yielding no rent and presenting an eye sore to the community. I have looked into the purchase of some of these to rehab them and turn then, once again, into revenue for the park. There is only so many we can handle. We have been approached by others, far more qualified, who are interested in such units – some for profit and some looking for an inexpensive place to live.

My primary business is in single family houses, however when I began working with mobile/manufactured homes I found far more activity on my website in the mobile home pages than on the single family homes. People are looking for inexpensive housing, either as a permanent home or seasonal respite from the frozen north.


I understand the MHvillage is a fine place to advertise homes homes that are move in ready. Craigslist allows a free listing for these fixer uppers but they are mixed in among all sorts of properties. We have a page dedicated this type of home and people coming there to find them. Our problem is we don't have enough to units listed to satisfy the visitors.

Free Listing

We are offering listing on this page at no charge. All we ask is that you fill out the information form and agree to tell us when the unit is sold. There is no obligation beyond that.

I also understand that some parks are less than thrilled with some rehabbers. Keep in mind that we only advertise the units... you approve buyers... you make the decision who you want to work with.

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