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Sell Your House

Sold is a word that can mean relief from stress, harassment or emotional as well as financial drain. There are many reasons you would want to or need to sell and there are various ways we can meet your needs.  Sometimes they have received a lis pendens and want to stop foreclosure.

Many buyers will come to you waving ca$h in your face. Unfortunately the downside of the quick cash sale is that you generally won't get a very good price for your property. Many cash buyers will give you a relatively low offer for your house and call it a "fair". Even if you are facing foreclosure, you may still have some equity that can be preserved and you may not want to go this route. But the quick sale may be the what you need at the moment, and we can give you a reasonable offer as well. However, often there is a better way.

If you have little or no equity, realtors can't help as there is no room for their commission – having been a licensed Realtor, I understand their reluctance to work for nothing. However, we can free you from the burden of the excessive or double payments.

Let's look at a few of the things to think about when selling your property...

Cash is Quick

Like others, we can pay cash. To be honest, this may be what is best for you in some cases. As with other investors, it is true that we need to make a profit, but our goal is to keep from making your bad situation worse.

Tax Implications

If the property is not your primary residence and you have significant equity, there may be tax consequences to consider, even at long term capital gain rates. Under the new tax plan this is still something to keep in mind. There is no virtue in giving more of your money than necessary to the IRS and their band of merry tax collectors.

Low Interest at the Bank

If you take the cash and store it in a bank, the banksters may thank you... then give you next to nothing in interest. In spite of what the government tells us, even 2 or 3 percent will not keep you up with inflation. We can turn your property in to an ongoing source of income that pays considerably more than your local financial institution.

We will look at you situation – your property and your goals – and work to come up with something that fits you, not just an offer that comes out of a computer program.


We will make you a reasonable offer and put some cash in your pocket.

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