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Sell It With Video

Pictures may not close the deal, but they create interest that brings people to see your property.  Most property owners are not equipped to make such a sales piece.  There are some online services that let you upload your pictures and have them converted into a video.  It's easy and inexpensive.  However they take the pictures you send.  They don't lighten the ones that came out a little too dark.  They don't correct vertical line distortion caused by tilted camera and unfortunate angles.  They don't adjust for less than perfect lighting.  They don't crop the pictures to remove unwanted distractions.  You get a smooth-running video that is as good as the pictures you supply

Turn up the sound!

We have a system for taking your pictures and editing them as necessary to look as professional as possible before placing them into a video presentation.  We tweak the pictures to straighten crooked lines.  We adjust the colors as necessary and arrange them in a video that will help you sell your property.

But that is not all!  We return the corrected photographs to you so they can be used in advertisements and promotional flyers.  We can even do that if you would like.

However, there is a word of caution, as with other online people, we can only work with what we have.  We have a blog post that will help up your picture-taking game.  Even the most seasoned photographer will find something new or something to argue about, but it will get you thinking before you start your photoshoot.

We have a sample that was put together from pictures by a rehabber who was simply documenting his work.  With the application of a few simple suggestions, it could be even better.

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Realtors: your first order will be half price to encourage you to give us a try.

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