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About Gunga7, LLC dba Choice Property Solutions

We bought our first rental property back in the 70s in Pennsylvania and have had houses in Virginia and now in Florida.  We buy houses.  Sometimes we rent them out and sometimes we fix them and sell them.  But always they become one of the nicest homes in the neighborhood.

Gunga7, LLC, dba Choice Property Solutions is a real estate investment company working primarily in the Tampa Bay area but open to situations outside our particular piece of paradise.

It's an odd name - comes from days many years ago when my wife would travel by train to visit our daughter in New Jersey.  Her children thought it was the greatest thing to pick her up at the train station.  Since the boys were young and didn't get the words right she became Gunga choo choo.  I won't go into the name they called their other grandmother.

So that is the origin of the name... and the 7, that is for our seven grandsons.  No, we are not slighting the girls - there are no granddaughters.

The principles purchased their first investment property back in the 70s and have owned rental properties in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida.