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Preparing for the Sale

It isn't rocket science, but there are many details to take care of in preparing a property for sale - whether you are doing it yourself or listing it with an agent.


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  • How to improve curb appeal
  • What do buyers see in your kitchen
  • How does the bathroom look
  • Are you…

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Ideas 4 Landscaping Review

Ideas4Landscaping is a collection of more than 7000 landscaping designs, ideas, and themes. It is about 300 pages of gardening landscape guides that should help even a brown thumb gardener like me improve the outdoor surroundings. I found a lot to like in this comprehensive package.

What Is Ideas4L…

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Keeping in Touch for Free

With the recent need to set aside the benefits of face to face meetings many of us have taken to working from our homes, Along with the obvious advantages of bypassing the commute to the office and having the refrigerator only a few steps away, there are some downsides to this newfound immobility.

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Keep Those Gutters Flowing

One of the ways to increase the profitability of rental properties is to keep your costs down. Often this means not doing things on rental houses that you would do on your own home. This is usually seen in the difference in rehab estimates between preparing a property for rental as opposed to sale t…

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Measuring With Light

Laser Measuring for Speed and Accuracy

Years ago when I was a kid helping my father with projects around the house we used a wooden rule that unfolded to the desired length and broke when I bent it the wrong way. It was fragile and sometimes awkward, but in the hands of a skilled workman got the …

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Tools To Keep Your Home Happy

We've written about some tools in the past but have not addressed the needs of the average home owner or apartment dweller who just wants to be able to take care of a few things around their home, perhaps hanging blinds or fixing broken furniture. This is not aimed at the professional contractor or …

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