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Preparing for the Sale

It isn't rocket science, but there are many details to take care of in preparing a property for sale - whether you are doing it yourself or listing it with an agent.


Learn about...

  • How to improve curb appeal
  • What do buyers see in your kitchen
  • How does the bathroom look
  • Are your windows helping or hurting
  • How about your floors

This is a FREE checklist of things to be aware of to make the best possible showing.


We Wrote The Book

We put together this eBook Sell Your House Like a Pro!!! 

It goes over everything you just read in much greater detail.  These are details your friendly real estate agent or local investor won't, or can't, tell you.  It talks about inspectors, agents, staging and showing as well as getting buyers coming to your door. 

Pretty much everyone can learn from this book, or at least find something to argue about, especially first time sellers.
Good Luck!  Now... Go make that sale!

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